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Do you want boosted business profit?
It just needs a well-developed E-Commerce website

E-Commerce Solutions

No doubt, e-commerce is one of the biggest business mode of the day. At Xcybernetics, we deliver all the tools required by an e-commerce company. Fully fledged website having interactive vendor panel, APIs, user friendly UI and linkage with required portals is our expertise. Irrespective of a start-up or well established e- commerce company, we shape and support all. Responsive e-commerce website multiplies your business within shortest span. Enjoy the incorporation of latest tools and technologies provided by us.

E-commerce is one of the biggest market boom of the day that has covered 3/4 th portion of total business. . At XCybernetics we provide all the services related to E- commerce. As E-commerce website Development Company, well defined technical infrastructure at our end lets you inspire to have a fine take off. All the e- commerce services like website creation, attractive vendor panel, APIs, suitable and good looking UI, synchronization with courier partners, product shoot, product uploading, suitable contents for every landing page or category etc are used to actions for us. Irrespective of Startup or well established company, our support is always ready to re-structure your assets. Once selected us, you would come to know that why we are one of the best E-commerce website development Company of India.

Xcybernetics Enterprise Success Formula

Ecommerce Expertise

Category Managers with many years of experience in multi-channel online selling

Pre-Optimized Processes

On Day 1, get a team that has preset, pre-optimized processes for all marketplaces

World-Class Technology

Browntape Enterprise comes with software technology integrated with 20+ marketplaces

Rapid Sales Growth

We focus on making your sales grow. We charge you commissions on sales, so we earn when you earn

Start Selling Online
Outsource Your Multi-Channel eCommerce to Us

Why Choosing Xcybernetics

For Full Fledged Multi Functionality Website.

Xcybernetics is the alternate name of IT solutions. Your online business requires solutions at every step and Xcybernetics understands you better. We design suitable mobile apps to add convenience in your life. Right from website creation, we have every component of web development in our spectrum. You can understand the need of e-commerce, its tools and their regular updating services. Bunch of IT features available with Xcybernetics, are totally different from our contemporaries. World class IT services and most genuine service charges are one of the best promises offered at our end.

Implementing the most advanced technologies to convert virtualism into realism is our specialty. Incorporation of suitable tools according to the sub-continental circumstances is considered most important at Xcybernetics. You will get desired mobile apps on iOS and Android both the platform with high level of perfection. This is the main reason with people to choose us as IT solutions provider.

What We Offer

As you know better that name, fame and age all are the points that get defeat from real support. Yes we provide the real technical support to our clients within no response time. Architecture of your desired software is done in realistic manner and a feel is provided to you to have the best.

  • Get an e-commerce website with latest tech.
  • Interactive UI and graphic designing for better bonding with internet.
  • Fully fledged professional support.
  • Responsive Mobile Site.
  • Fine responsive site versions for iOS as well as for Android.
  • Flaw less hosting services.
  • Well managed and consolidated out sourcing.
  • Smart Order Management.
  • Integrated Delivery mechanism.

Ecommerce Benefits

  • E-commerce gives you market lesson at every point.
  • Integrated mannerism of business only comes through e-commerce.
  • Introduces you with the remotely sitting customer banks.
  • Enhances your business to un-expected boundaries.
  • Supports business owners to manage bigger customer bank
  • Ultimate functionality enables businesses to maintain strong customer base

Ecommerce Modules

Order Management

  • Management of reports for fulfilled order and providing various useful reports for the products that can increase the productivity.
  • Analyzing Inventory and all the reports for the inventory with high and low sale tracking .
  • Seller can easily find their product from search bar.
  • Optional combination with Stock management, Job-Costing, Subcontracts Ledger and General Ledger.
  • All important notification for sale will be done via mail and SMS.
  • Admin can easily get prompt notification for sales via SMS and Email.

Product Management

  • You can represent your products with endless verities
  • Product are easily added, edited, hided or removed as & when required
  • You can easily compare two products without flipping two windows
  • Use of multi functionality filter for, color, size, price arrange and many more
  • Multiple categorization of the products with fast checkout.
  • Awesome image showcase by that viewer gets attracted by showing different type of Zooming function
  • Eye catching sales and promotions.
  • Buyer can easily rate the product for betterment of products
  • Tabular form product detailing which shows all required details for the products
  • Stock Management

    • Inventory reports can help you manage and forecast your business productivity.
    • Category wise product organization in inventory.
    • Use movement history to track and control stock.
    • Various report generation such as expiration date tracking, manufacturing date tracking.
    • Barcode printing facility.
    • Stock empty reports.

    Discount System

    • Percentage and price wise Discount will be created.
    • Discount notification directly to customers.
    • Sale strategies can be set.
    • Creation of multi type discount, product, order, festival and many more.

    Delivery Tracking

    • Multi shipment partner and their API integration
    • Self-Tracking identity creation
    • Manifest and shipping label printing functionality
    • Responsive dashboard for all user
    • Gap Analysis

    Returning order Management

    • Full RMA module
    • Maintaining returns and their notifications


    • Quite beneficial and essential online shopping.
    • Easy recognition of payment gateways and friendly with all type of paying methods.
    • A specially designed wallet that provide money holding facility for other use.
    • Your E-wallet is capable to generate reports of transactions.

    Security Pack

    • Certification of security of personal information from SSL.
    • Safer login of your account through OTP on registered mobile number.
    • Multi-Layer security to fiscal transactions.
    • Frequent analysis of your data from any angle.

    Notifications Systems

    • On every transaction, a notification is delivered to your mobile
    • Intimation to customer if stock of ordered product is low
    • Amendment in notification policies according to ease of customers

    Customer reviews management

    • Modern mechanism of sending reviews invitation on social media platforms too.
    • Incorporation of APIs for easing customers to access us through social media.
    • Physical reviewing of your reviews and avoiding random impression through technology
    • You are provided with frequent and quick help received through any platform
    • You have satisfactory responses on your queries
    • Your views are easily shared other than routine buying and selling activities.
    • Your participation for sharing your experiences is always open.

    Mobile App

    • You can make purchase through any available device, like smartphone or computer
    • You will get a different shopping experience
    • We provide a well optimized platform to accept iPad/iOS/Android/Windows or Blackberry
    • We provide fastest and safest payment gateways.
    • You get well dedicated notifications.
    • Incorporation of SMM gives you a better reach to reviews of other buyers.
    • Availability of coupon pattern gives you bigger saving.

    Site map

    • World class site Map available for your viewing
    • You have access to any component of your website any time.
    • You can map your site and make a comparison with other available sites.

    Popular product module

      • You can have easy tracking of any product you transacted.
    • You can get the point of getting popularity.
    • All the statistics are available regarding your business and status in market.
    • All the reviews of customers can generate a new business phenomenon.

    Customer Management

    • Every customer is allowed to experience a new browsing pattern.
    • You can make the analysis of purchases made.
    • You provide e mails on every transaction that makes a bounding with your customers.
    • Your records are updated according to the order received.
    • You also get a special feature that categorizes your business region wise.
    • You can have direct chat with your customers through our effective live chat box.
    • You can generate a program that depends on the reward points as per purchases. This will build bounding.
    • You can develop your business by getting frequent reviews from the customers.
    • You can index the attentions and frequency of customers on your business.

    Payment Management

    • You can make a consolidated collection of all the payments received at one point.
    • You can generate the reports of finance received during each financial year.
    • All the payments, which are still un-materialized, can be checked though a separate report generated by the system. Cheques are included in this category.

    Shopping Cart Management

    • Incorporation of all the recommendations from production department on bulk purchases is made.
    • Our services provide you a quick reference to get back to the shopping cart for modification as desired.
    • Notification is available for non-transacted orders.
    • While making a check out, you have some options to participate in promotional programs.
    • Your shopping cart is secure and multi featured.
    • You can manage the probable dates of delivery and make tentative program accordingly.
    • If not getting access due to any reasons, you can get links for tracking of your orders.
    • You get an agreement till the order is not completed.
    • Option is available to have some pre-orders. It means you can place orders even if the stock is exhausted too.
    • You don’t need to visit various pages while making a final check-out. Just stay on one page.
    • It is not necessary to have an account with us. You can shop through guest check out option too.

    Pricing Management

    • As a seller, you can make changes in the price of uploaded products in easy manner.
    • You can gain a date wise report showing the modified or original price of the uploaded products.
    • Report generation on the disputed pricing is available. You can segregate such listings.
    • Leave conventional methods and get modern techniques to recalculate prices according to the business.
    • Get some Margin Reports and evaluate the existing pricing or a new modification as deemed fit.
    • You can also get a varying price according to the responses of customers.

    News Letter

    • A periodic newsletter is available as per choice.
    • You can monitor the level of achievement or quantum of rewards gained by your customers. It helps in business grooming.
    • You can advertise the news for quick information of your customer base.

    Basic one time SEO pack

    • You get special auditing of your website.
    • For the first time, we give you a research support for keywords to help your business.
    • In our package, we provide you a setup for installing Google Analytics.
    • You get world class reviewing through reputed Webmaster.
    • Your website is implemented with XML module.
    • We provide you the most popular and essential Meta Tag namely (Robot).
    • We provide quick and 100% genuine contents with optimized sophistication.

    Live Chat

    • We provide live interaction with your customers through Chat Boxes. You can get direct review from your customer.
    • Get unbroken technical supports irrespective of High Load or Scalable aspects are related.
    • High Reliability, Scalability and High Load Support
    • You are free to customize the UI of your website by inserting desired logo.
    • You get a business alert whenever a customer attempts to contact your through Live Chat Box.

    Visitors Tracking

    • Through effective statistics, you can search the visitors accessed your business.
    • We provide you a special tool to judge the conversion ratio. From viewers to customers.
    • You can get the original source from where a customer accessed your business.

    Marketing Tools

    • You get various search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo etc.
    • We provide you a well-managed integration with reputed Google Analytics.
    • All the components of our e-commerce website are fully functional at all times.
    • Your business gets acceleration through fastest promotion on social media.
    • Your business is marketed through e mail.
    • All the popular affiliate programs are linked with your e-commerce website for booming.
    • Business popularization through SMS channels.

    Payment gateway API

    • You have a well-balanced and swift payment option that suffices your needs with advanced secure features.
    • You can shop through the coupons, pay via any banking system, any card etc.
    • You get quite prompt payment options which suit your buying habits.
    • Your purchasing is completed in few clicks with all satisfactions.
    • You get responses in the language you prefer from menu.
    • All the payments are regulated through OTP and in one click.